About us

In the summer of 2008 the activities have been initiated on the establishment of the Foundation “Center Duga Art” (CDA), for overcoming administrative difficulties in the implementation of the project Center for Children Duga in Kulen Vakuf, as well as the organization and implementation of humanitarian activities, which aim to promote the Center for Children Duga and provide the necessary funds for proper functioning of the Centre.

In early December 2008, the registration forms of the Foundation CDA were submitted to the Ministry of Justice of B&H, and on 18th February 2009 the Foundation received the decision on registration form the same Ministry.

The CDA Foundation started with official work on 1st March 2009 with the agreement with HO Schutzengel Gesucht from Germany on joint implementation of the project – the Center for Children without Parental Care Duga.

Since 2009 the Foundation CDA has taken over the organization of the Art Colonies for Children of the Center Duga, and organizing exhibitions and charity auctions of donated art works, as well as activities of printing and distribution of holiday greeting cards and calendars.

In the last period the Foundation has done a significant work in organizing and carrying out various humanitarian actions, through which funds are provided for the proper functioning of the project the Center Duga in Kulen Vakuf. The Center Duga has strength and skills to implement aforementioned projects with quality and transparently, with the help and support of friends of the Centre Duga, and thereby to provide the part of necessary funds to ensure proper functioning.

CDA Foundation is on the right way to justify its existence through its activities, and has so far gained many supporters and friends who provide their support in achieving the objectives of the Foundation, so that children in the Center could have a happy and decent childhood, because all the children of this world deserve that.


Patriotke lige Street 2 77 206 Kulen Vakuf, Tel.No. +387-61-163-432

UniCredit Bank 3385002262437231

ID 426355660004


Members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Center Duga Art;

1. Sabina Lješčanin-President of the Board

2. Gunter Prantl

3. Nedzad Ćoralić

4. Asmir Handžić

5. Alen Handžić

The person authorized to represent and promote the Foundation CDA is the chairman of the Board of Directors Sabina Lješčanin.


List of employees at the Foundation CDA

1. Jasminka Vajzović – graduated teacher (Pre-school Education)

2. Senad Altić – medical nurse

3. Sandra Demirović – graduated teacher (Pre-school Education)

4. Ilma Šiljdedić – nurse

5. Ajša Vojić –graduated teacher (Pre-school Education)

6. Sandra Bibanović – nurse

7. Bahira Šiljdedić – nurse

8. Remza Kurtagić – nurse

9. Sedija Mehadžić – nurse

10. Bajbutović Mešira – graduated teacher (Pre-school Education)

11. Remza Anadolac – cook

12. Sadeta Šiljdedić- nurse

13. Begović Nermina – maid

14. Marizela Burzić – nurse

15. Muhamed Vojić – driver, handyman

16. Asifa Burzić – cook

17. Sanela Kosović – Administrator